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Andre Saceaux:  The Faramir to Cory's Boromir.  The Loki to Cory's Thor.  The Rollo to Cory's Ragnar. Well, it's official-- younger brothers are always cooler than their tired old predecessors.  In true Dre fashion, he even scoffed at the existing tiers and created his own.  Always a contradiction, Andre somehow manages to be quietly supportive of those around him that he deems worthy while simultaneously being fiercely independent and doing his own thing.  If those two spheres happen to coincide... consider yourself very lucky!  The old midwives whisper that if you have an Andre on your side, your enemies will scatter before you and the ladies will no longer consider you a scrub.  We're grateful to have this one! 


Our second Pennsylvanian to join the Wall of Fame, Super Movie Brother Dave is best known for replacing an aging David Prowse as the man inside the suit in the recent Rogue One:  A Star Wars Story.  Standing at a towering 7'5" and having long since mastered the Djem So and Ataru fighting styles, Dave was the obvious choice.  These days he's still on cloud nine following the victory of his beloved Eagles during the last Super Bowl.  Literally on Cloud Nine;  that's the name of his space station from which he views earth's cinema and sporting matches.  When he's not busy hosting lavish soirees for intergalactic dignitaries, you can hear him on the Super Movie Bros Podcast!  Go check him out! 

sarai red nose.jpg

What is there to say about Dame Sarai, She of Many Names?  An ageless trickster of the Fae Folk, Sarai recently pulled off what may be her finest prank:  creating a smaller version of herself and unleashing it upon the world.  That's right, now there's two of them!  We don't care what anyone else says, we think that's awesome!  In addition to being a very generous supporter and well-wisher, Sarai and her little homunculus are valued members of our gaming group.  She's also an accomplished ketomancer, binding carbohydrates with unmitigated fury and banishing them from the Earth Plane.  Truly a very special Home Tree; it's safe to say that More Gooder Than wouldn't be what it is without her relentless encouragement from day one.  In all the forest, no other Home Tree fills us with so much joy and warm fuzzies and juuuust the right amount of chilling terror to keep things interesting.

Thomas Howeth (Anglo-Saxon for Rock-Biter) currently hangs his sizable hat in some absurd fantasy realm called "Maryland."  When he actually enters the Earth plane he splits his time between hosting a podcast about some obscure 80's movie and training a cherubic little Padawan that looks suspiciously like a three foot tall version of himself.  Perhaps someday master and apprentice will take over "Maryland" (seriously, that doesn't even sound like a real place), but for now he's content just to enjoy earth's cinema.  And delicious lithosphere.  Pop on over to the Neverending Minute and say hi!  He won't bite!  You know, unless you're a rock.  Probably better to go do literally anything else if you're a rock. 


In the course of human history, there have been many mothers. Eve, Whistler’s, Theresa, and the list could go on and on. However, one name will always be at the top of that list for MGT: Nan Carr, the one mom to rule them all and in the darkness bind them. The Mamaste herself has been one of our most supportive Home Trees since day 1, that’s not even including the fact that she brought The Big D himself into this world. Mama Carr: the legend that walks among us.


Dan Brenic was born, like America and and the very concept of freedom itself, in Pennsylvania.  When he turned thirteen and began his Trials of Ascension (the rituals that every pubescent Pennsylvanian lad must perform in order to become a man and also get a coupon for a free bag of Middleswarth potato chips), he managed to outshine all of his peers and attain the most coveted badge of honor in the land:  a Yakuza-style full body tattoo of Rocky Balboa punching the Liberty Bell.  It goes without saying that he quickly rose to prominence as a leader of renown among the young patriotic thugs who held him in awe.  With the British Empire no more, these days you can find him co-hosting the Netflix 'N Swill podcast.  A well-deserved quiet and contemplative life, to be sure... though he does sink the occasional English frigate just to remind 'em that he's still around.

Drew Hallum is an entity of great complexity.  While most would consider him to be a wonderful and generous human being, those people are dead wrong!  I mean, not about the first part, obviously. He's one of the nicest fellows on the planet!  He's just not human.  Fun fact:  Drew actually belongs to the ancient race of Skal-dvergr, or Mug Dwarves.  However, unlike his curmudgeonly kin, he doesn't jealously guard his collection of mugs, cups, and other drinking vessels.  Nay, he displays them openly and without reservation, and is always willing to freely speak of them and their histories.  The bards say that if you fill a mug with bull's blood (or coffee or Dr. Pepper, whatever's most conveniently at hand), and speak thrice his name while gazing at your own reflection within the murky depths, Drew will appear and totally be down for a board game or whatever.  You'll probably lose, but the affable skal-dvergr is gracious in victory and won't even take your soul or anything!  

Steve and Izzy are your typical north-central Californians.  They live in a gem-filled Cave of Wonder, emerging daily to watch movies and tend to their majestic unicorn herd.  If you haven't tried their artisanal unicorn mare's milk cheese (available at Whole Foods or simply by wishing super hard for it during a meteor shower), you really should!  Provided, of course, you have a designated driver or aren't going anywhere for like ten hours, because that shit is basically the magical horse version of LSD.  Fantastic on crackers, though.  They also have a podcast called Everything I Learned From Movies, so pop over and give them a shout!  You might learn something too! 

The myth, the legend: Stephen "Kobayashi Maru" Galindo.  Why do we call him that?  Because the man simply can't be beat.  They say that when Stephen was born, the sky parted and for exactly seven minutes it rained a delicious mixture of Guinness and 18 year Glenfiddich.  The subsequent revelry and rejoicing ultimately ended in the destruction of several small towns in central California... but most folks agree that it was a reasonable price to pay for the coming of the Galindo.  Fun fact:  when he's not noodlin' around on the guitar, Stephen extracts minerals from the earth's crust WITH HIS BARE HANDS.  Like a freakin' BOSS.  Noted chaotician Ian Malcolm once remarked that when Stephen Galindo thrusts his mighty fists into the ground in Kern County, there's an apocalypse in Malaysia or some shit.


Adam (REDACTED) is a true international man of mystery! He works for the (REDACTED) as a (REDACTED) and makes (REDACTED) his life goal. His travels to (REDACTED) and his exploits in (REDACTED) are the stuff of legends. He's most known for his work on the Video Game Dads Podcast which is fantastic show that all Home Trees should check out.